27 Holy Jim


2 bed • 1 bath

solar potential, generator, turnkey 

Rare, 2 bedroomview cabin in Holy Jim Canyon - recreation forestry cabin nestled overlooking the foothills. Come enjoy nature & recreation just a few miles from civilization located 20 minutes from shoipping, dining and South Orange County. Hiking, biking, stargazing or just relax in a hammock are just a few ways to enjoy this canyon nirvana.  

Visit www.nationalforesthomeowners.org/resource/resmgr/About_Cabins/RRPOverview.pdf for more info

The forestry cabins are privately owned and  located on Federal government land. They are not on leased land. Cabin owners receive a 20 year special use permit from the Forestry Service. They are off the grid  personal property, and  do not qualify for  financing


•Can I live at the cabin full time?
The forest cabins are for recreational use only. Cabin owners are required to have a primary residence elsewhere in order to qualify for the special use permit.

•How long is the permit and what is the fee?The permits are in effect for 20 years. The  annual fee is around $1000-2000 per year

•When were the cabins built  ?
Many were originally built between 1920's-1940s and many have been rebuilt

•Do they have utilities and services ?

Some cabins have propane gas, a water tank,  generator or solar power. Many of the cabins have hot water, kitchens, refrigerators and toilets

•Can I have animals on the property?
You can bring your dog or cat during a recreational stay. Horses, ponies, llamas, alpacas, chickens etc are not allowed. I am unsure about Emotional Support Animals

•Is there a lease on the land?
No. Cabin owners receive a  special use permit. The permit is renewed every 20 years. The land belongs to the Federal government, not the cabin owner.

•Could the Federal Government ask me to remove the cabin since it is on Federal land?

The Forestry Service would have to give 10 years notice, plus remaining time on the permit (up to 30 years). The Cabin Recreation Program has been in effect since the 1930's.

•How do I  get to the cabins?
Turn onto Trabuco Creek Rd from Trabuco Canyon Rd. - travel for 4.5 miles on the dirt road. Trabuco Creek Rd is currently maintained by the County of Orange.  You will pass the large white Forest Service gate - this section of the road can be rough with  potholes and dips. 

•Do the cabins have a garage? Can I add a garage ?
Most do not. You are not allowed to add a garage

•Can I build a  fence around my cabin ?

•Can I repaint my cabin using a color of my choice?

Maybe. All exterior changes must be approved by the forest service.

•How many days a year am I allowed to stay at the cabin?

There is not a set limit in the permit.

•Can I rent it out? Can I "airBnB" it ?
You can rent it out and there are limits.  I doubt an airbnb would be approved. 

•Could I live at the cabin and commute to my office daily ?
Technically, yes, but it would be a rough one....

•What about cell service? Internet? Cable ? Satellite?

Cell service is available and some  cabin owners have  a satellite dish for internet, cable etc.

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